title. Cleaning Service

date. 2020

medium. Performance series, video documentation.

materials. Flat squeeze mop, bucket, soap, water, adhesive tape.

I mopped the floor at ten different locations in the city of Zurich, where I temporarily lived. The cleaning took place for uninterrupted periods, ranging from 30 minutes to 1.5h. Before starting, I marked a 1x1m square on the floor around me, inside of which the cleaning would take place. While performing, I did not leave the interior of the square at any moment and remained focused on the action despite interruptions.


These performance series critically reflect on the political boundaries that delimit countries and territories, building up particular realities and living conditions for the people. Coming from an island and feeling often trapped and disconnected from the outside world, made me look at the water as a prison placed there by Nature itself to hold me back. The act of controlling and giving shape to this water empowers me as an individual and turns my action into a ritual. A lot can be said about the connotations of the act of cleaning: It is physical, manual labor related to the social class of an individual. Who cleans? Who does not clean? Women clean, poor people also clean.