Art exhibition - light art, object, installation, text.

XPO Art Gallery, Enschede, The Netherlands.

Artist Residencies Enschede ARE Holland


UNWINNABLE reflects on the capacity of written language to be both: malleable and rigid at the same time. It explores the language capability to constantly evolve, adopting new shapes, and mediating in humans relationships. This is particularly notorious in times of crisis when the personal values and mental strength get tested. 

It all started with the posters I faced when going from Switzerland to The Netherlands. “Stay at home, save lives” sounds like a universal quote. But what to do when one does not have a place to call “home” where to “stay at”? Or when a bigger threat coexists with you inside? 


From the biggest poster hanging on the street to the tiny words written in our passports, language shapes the world around and inside every one of us. It decides which doors we can open, and which must still remain closed.