date. 2020

medium. Light art, object, installation, video documentation.

materials. Neon strings, aluminium wire, plastic ties, magnets, drawing pins, and batteries.

size. Variable 

UNWINNABLE reflects on the capacity of written language to be both: malleable and rigid at the same time. It explores the language capability to constantly evolve, adopting new shapes, and mediating in humans relationships. This is particularly notorious in times of crisis when the personal values and mental strength get tested.


Each one of the thirteen neon strings of the installation was hand-shaped to resemble a word or concept which had been relevant during my stay as an Artist in Residence at ARE Holland. Some of the texts are related to the Covid-19 crisis, while the rest have a particular or second meaning for me.

The use of light responds to my childhood memories in Cuba, a country disconnected from the rest of the world, living its own reality, where power outages were common. Using light in an artwork reveals my need to stay visible, to remain connected.